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Helping You Make the
Changes You Want and Need

After experiencing a trauma, it can be hard to trust again.  The scariest part may be that it’s hardest to trust ourselves.  In our attempt to make sense of the trauma and regain some sense of control, we often blame ourselves.  

Closing ourselves off from others might seem like the safest choice but it keeps us isolated, cut off from support and vulnerable to depression and anxiety.  

Most of us try to cope with the aftermath of trauma on our own for awhile, sometimes a long while. But eventually we realize that we need help.  Help so that we can trust again, have meaningful relationships, stop blaming ourselves and be at peace.

If you feel like you might be ready to take the next step to towards your recovery, I would like to help.  We will work at your pace.  I will never push.  Your recovery is your own unique process.  I have years of experience helping victims of sexual and physical abuse, as well as other types of trauma, to take the next steps on their recovery journey.

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