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Individual & Couples Therapy

Barbara Hill

Get the Help You Need to Make the Changes You Want

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Everyone experiences times in their lives when they feel stuck.  Maybe you are struggling with anxiety, awake at night worried about the future and paralyzed during the day, unable to take the steps you think might make things better.  Or, maybe you are struggling with relationships in your life: a partner, children, friends or colleagues.  You aren’t feeling heard or valued and you worry about where things are headed.  Or, perhaps you are living with the effects of a trauma that has long since passed but seems to be with you every day.  In any case, you don’t want things to continue like this.  Something has to change.

I know it feels bad now but it doesn’t have to stay this way.  Whether you are coping with anxiety or depression, or are challenged by life’s circumstances, you can be happier.  You can feel calmer and more able to take on the challenges of your life.  Then, you can start creating the future you want.

I can help you begin this journey.  It’s time to feel better.  Call me today at 301-340-3050.

Areas of Expertise

Relationship Problems
Poor Communication

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