Barbara Hill, LCSW-C

Individual and Couples Counseling

Welcome to my website.  I hope you find something here that is helpful to you.  Please contact me if you feel you would benefit from my services or if I can provide you with any other resources.

Each of us has places in our lives that we get stuck.  Sometimes we find ourselves in the same circumstances over and over again despite our best efforts to move forward. At times like these you have to get outside of yourself and outside of your patterns of thinking and acting, in order to move past these obstacles and get to the life you want.  What I do best is help people see their life from a different perspective, find new ways to conquer problems, get unstuck and get on with being happy

If you find yourself:


      Doubting that you can ever be happy in your marriage again

      Making the same bad choice in men/women to date

      Struggling through a divorce

      Unable to move forward in your career

      Working to overcome the effects of childhood abuse

Id like to help. Please contact me to schedule couples or individual sessions at  (240) 375-3521

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Barbara Hill, LCSW-C

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